Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Must Eyetem Mascara

Lately,  I have not been including mascara to my routine. It's just a time consuming step to add. Especially when you're already like a minute late to your schedule. Don't even talk "prepare early" with me because that's just irrelevant. LOL.

So maybe less than a month ago, my mom went to haul a good amount of products from a Korean store and she was so nice to get me a mascara to try. I don't know but it's like all of a sudden. Maybe she remembered that I want to get any of those colorful fat Maybelline mascaras so yeah. 

The moment she told me it's from Korea, I was so excited to use it because you know Koreans! Although they would probably just stack on fake eyelashes for a more convincing look. Anyways. 

The packaging doesn't look professional at all. It actually looks like something a high school girl would use. Not that it's a bad thing. I just noticed. Oh it's also cheap. As I remember, 3000 won. So it's about 150 ish php. So maybe I shouldn't really complain about how it looks. The formula is more leaning to the wetter side thus it is kind of more difficult to set. If you have enough time though, you might be able to set it down before blinking and having an instant black eye in return.

One thing about me is that I don't have impressive eyelashes. EVEN FOR A TYPICAL SOUTH EAST ASIAN. Like, I am below the table. 

curled lashes
Even if curled, you can barely seen them. I also find my lashes difficult to curl so as much as I don't want to, I kind of do the curling the wrong way and in such a way that there would be like 2 or 3 that will be detached from the roots. Sorry lashes

with the mascara on
As you may have noticed, my lashes became more noticeable which I think is a good thing. So yay! As from what I noticed, it doesn't give much length but it defo gives volume. 

So yeah it's more of easy but really messy to apply and you have to hold your position like this for a while or else the product would go up your lids. Or maybe that's just me. So that's it guys! I don't hate the product at all. I will use it actually. Because it's from mom. Take care! 

Irrelevant picture of me

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