Saturday, 14 December 2013

Everyday Cheers!

I look very pale nowadays. But that's besides the point. Hello there guys. 

Recently, I got a recommendation from my sister about this tea place near her school. Well my previous school too to be proper. She said it's pretty nice and somehow hidden. That I like for sure. First thing she recommended me is their Smores! I have been looking for a place that serves this for so long and I'm just lucky to be able to find one.


It's a pretty small piece for what it's worth I think but whatever. It's quite good. Not good as in GOOD but uhm good enough. And also, not that expensive actually.

My cousin who doesn't really like marshmallows enjoyed it too. So that's nice.

Oh I'm pretty disappointed with their teas though. We both had something from the Rock Salt but yeah it was such a disappointment at some point. I mean, not really that good. Not even average kind of.

My cousin got the Dark Chocolate and I got their Wintermelon tea. I wouldn't recommend either of it.

What I liked though is their Waffle. Blueberry Cream Cheese to be exact. Will review more flavors soon but yeah definitely try this out if you may.

Their fries is okay and they serve it i this mason jar kind of thing and yeah nice one. I think it's pretty small for the price though. Anyways. That's all I have for you guys. See yah! 


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