Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Only me, Only you, and the Band

It's been quite a while since I last attended a Sponge Cola Christmas Party and this year's probably the last that I would be attending for years so yeah. 

Adam Levine
As per usual, the call time was seven and the program started at 10 ish. It's just like that with them. 

We were there at 7 ish and since not a lot of people were in yet, we were able to find a decent seat. But you know! I still prefer the front but yeah will work on that. Imagine! We were able to watch a Maroon 5 gig twice on that screen and still no sign of the program starting. But anyways.

The host was very nice and she was updating and checking in with us every whatever minutes so yeah. We also exchanged gifts which I was quite happy about and guess who received a gift from one of the boys? Yup yup! It was not an exchange gift though. It was a raffle draw and yeah. 

I enjoyed their performances and the boys were so makulit as usual and yeah my cousin and I had fun. We also had fun eating free food. LOL.

Pale is pale
After the party, we took pictures with the band members and yeah that's all about what happened at the party. 

That's it guys! I'll see you next time. Actually shortly after this post. 

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