Monday, 3 June 2013

June the Beautiful

I just want to share you guys this. Nothing too fancy but still beautiful. I have a question for you guys. Am I the only one who thinks that this year is going by too fast? I mean, it's June already. That's like 6/12 already. 

Hi guys. I think I haven't said hi to you guys at all. OMG I'm so mean! Anyways, how's June treating you so far? Me, you ask? I've started with my licensure review awhile ago. So far, so good. Actually, no proper lecture yet. What happened today was kind of awesome though. The speaker kind of inspired us to aim high and that to believe in ourselves and stuff like that which always have a place in my mind. And in my heart. There's just no room for failure right now, you know. 

More of the not so awesome part of today, awhile ago, we had like a pre-test to test our stock knowledge regarding the board subjects and I was just like, what the eff? DUMBFOUNDED. I have been told that there would be a 200 item test and I actually reviewed a little bit but I  didn't really concentrate and I probably didn't take that seriously but I will surely do my best next time. My non existent stock knowledge was put into as test. LOL. I have no choice. I will do better next time! :D I enrolled there so I could have a better look at the possible questions and to have a guide, sort of. Because there's no denying it guys! I'm kind of lost. LOL. Seriously though.

Anyways, that's Hashi. She decided to follow me on my way up few days back and she was like, feeling my bed and stuff. Ain't she cute? She's like the sweetest! :) So adorbs! I can't even. She peed nearby though. But as long as it's not in the bed, we're good. 

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