Monday, 3 June 2013

The Voice UK 2013 | My Top 3

Song choice: Loving You
Team Will

1. Leah McFall! I have told you guys how much I liked her on the Blind Auditions! And she's just keep getting better. Me likey! I like everything about her actually. Well maybe not everything but I like what I see and I hear and stuff so keep it up, girl! Although I must admit that I wasn't that much impressed during The  Battles and I was kind of worried for her that time but her performance during the Knockout's is probably the best. KILLED IT!
Song choice: Apologize
Team Danny

2. Karl Michael. Now this one is like serious stuff guys. I don't know why I didn't notice his audition but then after some time, I looked back to BBC's YouTube channel and then I watched the auditions again and I was like, he did that? I remember him but I was like blown away the second time I watched it and I was thinking why I didn't see that at first. When did that happen? Anyways, he was awesome at the blinds. And personally, I think he really did better than Liam during the battles. I know there are a lot of arguments about that but I'm happy that Danny chose him over Liam. Not so impressed with his Knockout's performance though.
Song choice: Just to See You Smile
Team Tom

3. Mike Ward. Such a good looking lad. His audition was so dope and he killed the Battle Rounds! I was like so kinikilig that time. Although I wasn't really impressed by his song choice during the Knockout's performance. But the quality of his voice is just undeniable. Keep it up, country boy! :) 
I'm obviously not alone in this fearless forecast because they all got a fast pass during the Knockouts which means that during the knockout rounds, they didn't have to compete for a place to be their coaches' top 3. Top 3 that would go straight to the Live Shows. Oh well. I can't wait for the Live Shows! :) I hope one of them wins. People are saying that The Voice is boring. I don't get why they say that. I'm totally enjoying it.

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