Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dear Juliet

I watched Letters to Juliet awhile ago because not so long ago, I've searched for movies set in Europe and this is one of the recommendations. Totally out of the topic (as always) but I've watched Bourne Legacy, LOL, Under the Tuscan Sun, Midnight in Paris, When in Rome, 2 Days in Paris, Monte Carlo, and Leters to Juliet from that recommendation thingy. I may have missed one or two but it doesn't matter. This particular movie is kind of  a little bit cheesy for me but considering that I searched to kind of see Europe, this one's nice. As a side note, I'd like to work as one of Juliet's secretaries. I think I would have fun writing letters to people. I just like the whole idea of it but I'm not really sure whether or not I'm Juliet enough to write them back or something but who cares? I figured I like writing. 

Also! I don't believe the Sophie and the guy's love because come on! I mean, seriously? It all happened too soon. Like, 3 days? I don't even know! I feel sorry for Victor but Sophie has a point for breaking up and he weren't exactly NA-JANINE TUGONON because really, if you'll go on a pre-honeymoon or pre-moon whatever, I think it's not quite right to be okay spending it on your own way. The two of you should always want to be with each other. Duh? But kudos to Victor for accepting the fact that sometimes, shit happens. 

By the way, here's a postcard update. I feel bad for not having the time to write to my postcard exchange mates because of internship and stuff so I'll probably play catch up these coming days or weeks or whatever.  Thank you guys! :) 

Malta - 4 | Curaçao - 1 | South Africa - 1 | Poland - 1 | USA - 1 | Canada - 1 | Belgium - 5

As of now, BELGIUM IS STILL NUMBER 1. YAY! :) If you're sort of interested in exchanging postcards, let me know! :) Anyways, I would really love to take a look at Casa di Giulietta in Verona just to see things and stuff.

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