Monday, 13 May 2013

I Hate Elections

As much as I find the election enticing, I just can't control myself and notice the effery going on.

First of all, let's talk about the campaign materials. I really don't mind if it's something very useful to the whole human population such as umbrella, T-shirt, ballpen, and other stuff which we can use in our everyday lives but for some reason, these politicians cannot comprehend that having paper as their material will just pollute the environment! And then their campaign would involve something like cleaning the environment or something like that. Good for them! CLEAN AS YOU GO! I always say that we should always start with ourselves. So tadah! This is what the front of our house looks like. 


Are you effing serious about this thing, guys? WHAT A WASTE OF RESOURCES! My mom was literally guarding over this last night because these hanging thing actually happens at night and in the morning, you'll get surprised on how many new posters are hanging and serving its purpose as an eyesore. I kind of feel sorry for whoever the winners would be because they have no choice but to have this mess cleaned because let's face it! The losers wouldn't give a shiz about this anymore. So yeah. 

Also! On the day of the election itself, which is now, a lot of children were "employed" to give out flyers of these filthy candidates. Like, I don't know whether someone of legal age was hired and for some reason, ordered these children because their lazy arse cannot function so yeah. I'm pretty sure these is illegal but anyways.

Can I just say that I was like feeling fly when I'm entering the place for voting? It feels something like "I own you, bitch!" It feels liberating and when you're done, it feels like you did something good. Although I really enjoyed judging people's decision as I watched the votes go up live on TV last election. That's all! :)

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