Thursday, 4 April 2013

Graduation Blog!

The call time was 6 am and I woke up at around 4 I guess but I was too tired to move so I kind of rested until it was 5. I then showered, put on my make-up and then my mom was already asking me to go down because we're leaving. And then when we arrived at UST, she was scolding me because my hair is still wet daw. "IKAW LANG ANG GAGRADUATE NA BASA ANG BUHOK." But because the event actually didn't start right away, my hair was perfectly dry when it started.

They had two of each of the tarpaulins which is awesome because at least the graduates wouldn't be queuing  much. If you're confused, good. There's a different tarpaulin with different print and all that. 

Me with my sisters! Thanks to them for waking up soooooo early just to attend my graduation and it really means a lot to me because I know how it feels. Not very lovely. 

And then they had this UST thing with the PHARMA thing and so you know the deal! MUST TAKE PICTURES!

There's me! To be honest, I was actually bored except when my seatmate and I were talking and when the SUMMA CUM LAUDE gave his speech because that really hit me like nothing else that day. 

Then this is the stage where we officially got our degree. I didn't notice the flowers and all that stuff hanging around there but it was pretty nice pala. 

That's me after the hooding ceremony. And yeah the ceremony lasted for 6 hours which is no surprise because there were I think 800 graduates from PHARMACY, CLINICAL PHARMACY, BIOCHEMISTRY, AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY combined. 

I don't know what the heck just happened here but I'm sure I was playing 2FUSE or probably putting the pictures on my phone on collage. Or probably I was sleeping because I remember myself being sleepy. Haha  

Okay so after the long marching process and the awesome speech, we PLEDGED and then we sang the UST HYMN for the last time. Well, as a student of course because I will surely sing it in the future pa. That's about it, I guess? Yeah. Yay! Thanks Mr. Tiu for the photos. :)  And to my sisters as well! :)

Oh and this is the SUMMA CUM LAUDE from pharmacy and also the top among the tops in the whole batch giving his speech/reflection which I really like because it's not really generalized unlike the others. He talked about his experiences and thanked his parents, classmates, and friends. And then his mom and dad were crying and I can really see that they're really proud of their son. That's all! :)

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