Friday, 5 April 2013

Harry Potter Tag

Favorite book

* I actually don't have a favorite book but I have favorite bits from each book so I don't know how that works. But for the sake of answering the question, I think I enjoyed the Prisoner of Azkaban the most. That Peter Pettigrew stuff and all that but I have a love and hate relationship with that book (every book actually) but yeah, just for the sake of having an answer, I'd go with that. 

Favorite movie

* I don't really have a favorite movie as well but I think Goblet of Fire was pretty awesome. Pretty the awesome-st I should say. 

Least favorite book 

* This. As much as I learned not to be judgmental and gather facts instead of opinions, and a lot more in this book (and movie), CHAMBER OF SECRETS is kind of not right. I really hated the part where Dobby caused them a lot if troubles and stuff. 

Parts of the books/movies that made you cry

* I don't cry that much in real life scenarios but I am very vulnerable when it comes to movies. If I can remember it right, the first time I cried was when Hagrid gave Harry the photo album containing some pictures that he gathered from some of his parents' friend. And then I cried when the parents of Cedric Diggory accepted the fact that their child is already dead. It wasn't presented very dramatic but I don't know. It's probably just me. The third was when Sirius Black died. I was like, forever in tears. I think I cried when Dumbledore died as well. I cried when Dobby died. I also cried when Fred Weasley died. And I also cried when Snape died and flashed his memories via the PENSIEVE. I cried when Narcissa Malfoy denied Potter's death. I cried when Hagrid was carrying Potter's body. And some time in between those I'm sure. 

If you could hook up with any HP character who would it be?


Favorite character

* I like Sirius Black. I don't know why actually besides him being awesome. I also like Bellatrix Lestrange's character. That I really don't know why. "NOT MY DAUGHTER, BITCH."  

What would your Patronus be?

* Mmm...I  really think Luna Lovegood's HARE Patronus is gorgeous but I think mine would be either a UNICORN or a PHOENIX.

If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or the Elder Wand which one would you choose?

* INVISIBILITY CLOAK for sure. The Resurrection Stone didn't do much in my opinion and then the Elder Wand is kind of too much for me so I would like to have all of them but if I could only have one, then INVISIBILITY CLOAK. On a not so Harry Potter note, I actually want the power of invisibility to be my secret power. Just saying. 

What House would you be in?

* GRYFFINDOR. J.K. Rowling approves. I actually don't mind being in Slytherin as well. I think it's kind of my alter-ego or something something. 

IF you could meet any member of the cast who would it be? 

* I want them all if possible but I'd say Emma Watson. I really want to meet them all though but whatever. 

Have you played any of the video games?

* Nope.

IF you were on the Quiddich team which position would you play?

Seeker. Feelingera eh. Hahaha 

Were you happy with the ending?

* I actually wish they showed the house of the kids but I think the ending was brilliant as it is. Oh might be a little greedy but I really wished Potter didn't break the Elder Wand. I mean, it's his after all. It reminds me so much of MEAN GIRLS

How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

* I don't know how to answer this. I mean, it's not like I'm sooooo obsessed with it but things might have been a little different without it. Pretty big deal. 

That's it guys! Feel free to answer this tag if you feel like it. I had fun answering them. Good vibes! :)

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