Friday, 12 April 2013

Dr. Ted Grey is LOVE

If all PATHOLOGISTS look like this, GURL! Haha so just a little back story, I think I was first year in college when this movie came out and we were at the mall, right? I saw the showing date and then we intended to watch it (of course) and then we couldn't make it on the first day so we just decided to come back the other day but then when we returned, they're not showing it na. WHUT? Anyways, I illegally downloaded the movie and watched it just now and what can I say? Kind of weird for a game, you know. Basically they have to kill people but not just to kill! They have to do it in such a way that no one would know how exactly they did it. It's sort of a game that them resident pathologists play. And I'm kind of proud that I got one out of so many. I'm not PATHO (yet, perhaps). So yeah. I wouldn't go into detail but I am very impressed with the ending. 

I actually witnessed doctors play games probably twice. Not this kind of games where they kill people of course. They probably wouldn't let us know about that but what I witnessed was one time, I received a specimen for pregnancy test, right? And then two physicians went straight to the laboratory (which is not always legal) and waited for the result. And when I said NEGATIVE, one of them said "YES! I WON". And then one time, the bet was to guess the TURN AROUND TIME of a CBC result for a particular patient and stuff so yeah. 

Oh and speaking of PATHOLOGY, I forgot to post these pictures from our last duty feast at the PATHOLOGY OFFICE. 

Our last night duty so we decided to have a little celebration. Ordered buttered and garlic chicken, pancit, Shanghai rolls, cake, and ice cream.


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  1. It's fun to see movies online , we don't have directly cinema's shows here. Oh my , this game!


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