Friday, 1 February 2013

What happened? Temple Run 2!

One thing you have to know about me is that I don't really play that much. I only play when I feel like so and want to kill time or probably when I'm bored. When we're not doing that much in the laboratory, we would actually take out our phones and play with whatever. I usually play Blitz and they would say that I've been playing it like, crazy and that they're questioning me why I like that game daw. And I was like, it's nice since it kills time. Haha. K.

I actually downloaded Temple Run and it's alright. I mean, yeah. And when I saw a co-intern playing Temple Run 2 with all the zip lines and trains, and uneven roads. I was like, I like that shizz. So I downloaded it. Also, I appreciate that the monster in the Temple is scarier than last time. I mean, I wasn't scared at all last time. 

Can we just spend a little time to comprehend how this thing happened? Imma tell you.

And I am not joking or editing or whatever. I don't like cheating and stuff. I believe that if you want to play a game, you should play on and not cheat your way up.

I was trying to kill time by playing Temple Run 2 on my duty and someone actually distracted me and this happened. WTF? Like, wow. What happened was (or if I can remember it clearly), I got that power up where you actually can run very fast and turn to the right direction without even trying? And then since someone distracted me, I swiped my character to the cliff and what happened was it still run on the clouds. What? And I was thinking that maybe there's like a different world there and so I swiped to the left instead of forward and my screen turned back to the original scene and I bumped into a tree. GREAT!

Before this thing happened, my HIGH SCORE was actually just 100 000 plus so there's a hope for everyone.

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