Friday, 1 February 2013

Tous Le Jours Macarons. Food Review.

You know that I craved for Macarons last time but I didn't review them so I will here. You know. But I mentioned that their flavors are Chocolate, Green Tea, Vanilla, Mango, and Strawberry respectively.

I am actually assuming that they just have 5 flavors available because of the packaging. And since there's only one Green Tea Macaron left, my cousin just got 4 and for some reason, they didn't place it in this package which I think is really unfair, unwise, and all. They placed it in a paper bag which is like questionable for me. And when we opened it at Starbucks, some of the shells came off already. 

Basically they all taste alright except for one. MANGO!

So let me start with this thing okay? I actually ate the Green Tea first because I'm most curious with this. I mean, it's either it's so good that only one is left or it's not good so it's just a left over from the previous day or two. Who knows? When I tasted it, it's actually kind of good. But not really that "good" it's pretty normal.

The next flavor I tasted was Mango. It was bad. I mean, whoever thought of that flavor is probably sleepy or something. It's obvious that the thing is artificially flavored and it's just so sweet. And I agree with my cousin when she said that it actually taste like candy. Which is not the best way to go. No likey.

I tasted Vanilla next which I think was a neutralizer. I appreciated it very much. I got confused though because I didn't understand the flavor. I don't know if I liked it or not.

Then comes Strawberry. Which is probably my favorite! It's like, good. And it's that kind of "good" I was so happy with it. Me likey.

And lastly, Chocolate which I didn't appreciate that much because I was drinking a chocolate drink so I really can't taste it that much. But I think it's nothing foul or something because you know, I probably should have known. That's all! :)

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