Friday, 25 January 2013

What's on my iPhone tag.

Inspired by Youtubers Trisha Paytas and beautifymeeh, I'm gonna do this tag as well. This is kind of different though because you know, you actually wouldn't be able to see how an app works or whatever. But anyways, that wouldn't stop me from doing this tag. Haha

Basically, they showed the apps they downloaded and stuff so that's what I'm gonna do as well.

This is how my phone looks like. My iPhone is actually black but my awesome tita sent me some screen protectors and one of them is this. Which I find really awesome because you know, change is good.

I have three pages of apps on my phone and the first page looks something like this. You know, my friends borrow my phone all the time and I feel like we're friends so I'm gonna let you borrow my phone too. Okay let's proceed. Haha

These are just the default apps that came with the phone. Well, most of it. I downloaded my productivity folder which has PDF FILE READER LITE and FILES which I use to transfer school files from somewhere straight to my phone. It's really convenient to actually be able to open a file anywhere. So yeah.

Also, I have an EMOJI for cute emoticons and then CONVERTER+ which I seldom use but kind of helpful to convert currencies, time, systems, and all other stuff. And then my Newsstand is empty because you know, whatever. And there's my first page.

I also would want to discuss a little bit about the four icons that you see below. I actually put them there not because they're the most abused but I just feel like I need them the most so in case of emergency or whatever, I need not go to the page where they're in just to access them. I used to use WHATSAPP a lot before but now, nah. I miss it though. K bye.

My second page is like, my social media apps. SOCIAL MEDIA? Hahaha okay these are connectivity apps that I actually downloaded because of peers. But mostly, my auntie made me download it because she have them too.

Except for BLOGGER that I use for blogging on the go. Obviously. I actually am not a big fan of BLOGGER FOR MOBILE because it kind of lacks function in some ways but generally okay for blogging purposes.

NUFFNANG X which I open occasionally or when I feel like it. Because for some reason, I'm still confused. I don't know how to actually use it. Or I'm just probably used to opening blogs manually if that makes sense.

I have FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, SKYPE, WE HEART IT, AND TUMBLR which I all open regularly and probably the most abused apps in my phone. PROBABLY.

I have LINE which my mom use to remind me to turn off the lights, WI-FI or whatsoever reminder of the day so it's kind of useful too. At least for me. All others are probably irrelevant so never mind them.

The last page looks something like this. I have OPERA MINI, my games which I will talk about a little later, some health stuff, my photo apps which I would also be talking about later, KAKAOTALK which I really really appreciate for some reason. I have CNN to actually read news whenever some interesting news headline pops out. Which is like not so often.

I have some SILVA RELAX and RELAX which I don't know which exactly is which but both makes me sleep. Then I have YOUTUBE which where I usually watch my subscriptions.

And then you all now my EARTHCAM app which I really adore for being able to show me my LA TOUR DE EIFFEL. And then my references which are mostly foreign languages or stuff you know.

And then GLOBEREWARDS which I also rarely use. Not really that important of an app.

These are the games I play. I'm pretty proud of these games LOL. My friends say that my phone is boring because I only have a limited choices but you know, phones shouldn't be toys. SAYS NO ONE EVER. Really though. Haha

I have TEMPLERUN which I don't play anymore and I should probably download TEMPLERUN 2 already because of good reviews and all that.

I have PROGNOSIS which is basically a game where you play the doctor which I really really like.

I have BLITZ which my friends say is very predictable and boring. I play this the most.

LOGOSQUIZ which I don't like that much.

I have BAKERY STORY which I love! :) FLOW which is okay.

FRUIT POP! is like my current addiction. CANDY CRUSH not that great. And I have WORDS FREE, SCRAMBLE FREE, and DRAW FREE which I like playing when I'm feeling a little competitive.

Photography apps that can't be compared side by side because for me they function pretty much the same so there's like no point. 

INSTAGRAM I use mainly for stalking beautiful, awesome, famous people which are mostly my friends. Haha just kidding.

And all other stuff for like, collage, and stuff.

KAKAOSTORY is an app for photo sharing which I hope would be more famous than Instagram because it doesn't cut your pictures to awkward squares. If you know what I mean. If not, never mind. This is like a good app if you don't want your picture cut in half or whatever. So it puts filter as is. Which is awesome. The thing is you can only add or follow people from your KAKAOTALK. Sucks. K.

Okay enough of the apps now. Can I just say that I'm proud of my wallpaper? Hahaha that's all.

Oh and before I forget, this is how my lock screen looks like. I actually changed it this year from Paris to Ben Tower. Oh well that's all. Take care.

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