Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tale of a Lost Phone.

Yesterday was our symposium day and more so meaning we have to be in the auditorium at 8. So as I saw my friend Kim there, she said she lost her phone. And I was like, what? Where? And then she said that someone took her phone inside her bag and probably the robber saw her put her phone inside her pouch and actually took the whole pouch.

So then my friend wouldn't want to report it na since she already accepted the fact that her phone's lost so she carried on with her LRT trip but when she reached Legarda station daw, she saw a girl who's kind of hysterical because she lost her phone din. So when the security advised her to go to the police desk, my friend approached the girl and said that she also lost her phone. So they went together.

So the story was, the girl in Legarda station kind of had an instinct of who took her phone but the security guard on duty disregarded her and said that she should report it to the police desk in the station. So when the girl actually reported to the station, by now with my friend, she brought back the topic that she had an instinct and she said the security guard actually did not listen, the policemen were kind of pissed so they called the security guard on duty and that happened. By the way, as early as 8 am, there were already 3 reported cases of lost phone. Welcome to the Philippines.

She was like thinking of her contacts, BBM contacts, pictures, and other stuff in her phone. Not even the phone itself which I also experience way back by the way and it really sucks I tell you.

So that happened. Then when my friend and I finished eating our lunch, there were actually rumors that there wouldn't be classes in the afternoon. Not in my class though. So I accompanied her to her classroom but no one is in there so then we went out and saw one of her classmates and asked whether or not they would still have theirs. So she said no more classes. AND THEN! She said that their thesis adviser asked their class whether or not my friend changed her number because someone's texting their adviser with rude stuff with her number daw. And I was like, seriously? They already got the phone so can they just stop already? I mean, what else do you want to have? It's just so annoying. Good thing their adviser actually know better and asked right away. Because you know, my friend wouldn't do that kind of stuff. Oh well. Life. Just take care of your self and your belongings. That's all.

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