Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hell of a Day.

It's Comprehensive Exams Day 1 and you know all know what it means. HELL MONTH NA! And it's really toxic because we're all busy on our duty so it's not like we have that much time to study comprehensively and answer 100 questions perfectly. Asar.

So I had thesis class early in the afternoon and had exams at 3-5 pm and I was really thinking of going home already but I thought otherwise. I decided to go to Mall of Asia to have some MACARONS. Because it's been a while since I had some. And I think I effin deserve a break. Okay so I actually thought of riding the MOA EYE but then I was like, meh. I just don't think 150 pesos is worth it for a short ride. Next time.

But we did take pictures with it because it's PRETTY.

It reminds me of Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge a little bit. It changes its colors too. Look.

I like the colors of the rainbow better though. But whatevs.

I was telling my cousin that there's not much to view up there because the bay is kind of dark and stuff so what's the point? But since there's a mini amusement park very near the place, I guess you'll be able to see the lights and stuff. Somehow. I don't know. 

Okay so after taking pictures, we then decided to find Tous Le Jours which I just recently discovered is PRONOUNCED as TU-LE-JURU because I was like TU-LE-JU-ing all the time. I would like to apologize to my victims. Hahaha. So when we entered the bakery, we were looking for the macarons and we can't see it so we asked the lady if they have it and she gladly accompanied us to the counter where they are placed. 

They're pretty too. This day is just full of colors. Except the tests I had. I don't know why I even mentioned the test but let's all forget that already. So the MACARONS are available in Chocolate, Green Tea, Vanilla, Mango, and Strawberry respectively. I got all the flavors because I really wanted to try them all. 

And then as we were walking to our way somewhere, I got confused by this and then I asked my cousin to enlighten me and she said that it's a statue of Manny Pacquiao and all other workers daw. And I was like, okay I should have a picture with that. Pero thinking of it now, Manny Pacquiao isn't a profession or something, yeah? Oh well. Nasa gitna pa ha.

We went straight to Starbucks for some drinks and also a place where we could try out the MACARONS we bought earlier. In Starbucks, I ordered their Signature Hot Chocolate which was recommended by my co-intern and it was really nice. I like it.

My cousin got a Mocha Frappuccino which made her shiver as we go home by the way. Hahaha sorreh na. Ikaw kasi eh. It was a tiring but fun day for us. Imagine, I got home at like 11-ish pm already and I still had to attend my duty at 8 am the next day? TOXIC.

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  1. Oh no , exams are really hell. I hope you will pass through them easily :) Good luck and nice photos.

    Aree With Umbrella


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