Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tagaytay Trip! Part 3.

This is like the view from our last stop. This is actually an accidental spot since my cousin is like in a hurry to go home for some reasons. This is like a place we saw when we are actually finding a souvenir shop. Quite awesome! See, everything happens for a reason. And the reason for us not riding the bus that we were supposed to ride is for us to actually appreciate the city a little bit more.

My best friend and I actually prefer living in the province than in the city. Which you may think is very ironic but that's true! I mean, you would want to breathe fresh air everyday too right? I would probably go to the city just for fun or whatever but living there is kind of suffocating sometimes.

Looking tired already but still having fun. Can I just describe the place we are at because like, it's gonna be hard to tell from the pictures. This is like a small parking space near the rotonda where the statue of whoever that is at.

The sunset there is not as dramatic as it is in the city but at least their weather there is like the best.

And then a guy who's like selling us stuff volunteered to take a picture of us and this is how it turned out. Love!

What's this photo for again? LOL.

So that concludes our Tagaytay trip! Can't wait to come back and explore more! :)

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