Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nailed It! Strawberry Shortcake.

Basically, these are my weapons for today. A lotion, q tip, and nail polish. 
Okay so it's 2013 and somehow, I'm tired of showing you guys my dirty done nails. Like, I want a change. So I've been hearing about this D.I.Y. technique for quite a while now and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if I would try. So what you would do is that you would actually apply the lotion around your nails. Like, you have to avoid your nails though because the polish would just slip and wouldn't adhere to your nails if you apply them there. The purpose of the q tip is actually for easy application.

After applying the lotion, you will have a hand similar to this. All oily and that.

And after applying the polish, you might have a hand similar to my hand as shown above. The thing is I actually painted my nails carefully as ever. Oh well. I miss long nails. SOON! Okay so to remove the mess, you would be needing the q tip you used awhile ago to apply the lotion so don't throw that yet okay?

VOILA! Ain't this the cleanest picture I showed you? YUP! is the answer. LOL. And since I used lotion, I then was able to moisturize the skin surrounding my nails too! Haha

That's all! :)

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