Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day in UST. Food trip.

Or actually, NIGHT.

This is the "JAPANESE CAKES" they're selling along Dapitan. Available in Cheese, Oreo, and another Oreo but with the coated chocolate stuff. When I first saw this, I knew I wanted to try it but nah, not that delish. But at least I wouldn't pass by the street wanting to try it so bad again. It's not delish but it's not actually that bad. It's actually my second time trying both of these flavours and my opinion is still the same. But I saw quite a lot of people queuing for this so it's probably just me. Like, ALWAYS.

And then even though it was raining, we still searched for a place to eat since SANTORINI was full and then there were still people outside waiting for the people inside to finish so even though I was craving for some Korean food, I let that go. The food wasn't really that good either. Like, I wouldn't exchange Santorini for this. I liked their interior though. And it actually didn't cost me much. So yay! Just in case you're wondering, that's actually Lemon Chicken you're seeing. :) I told my cousin that we probably didn't enjoy it because of the quality of the rice and she kind of agreed so yeah probably that.

So our last stop was this Tea Gen store and I think they have about two branches around the campus and we were really finding a good place to somehow wrap the night and my cousin was like, how about the tea store that we saw twice and so yeah we decided to go to the smaller place since we didn't want to be with people. ANTI-SOCIAL LIKE THAT, ha? Hahaha just kidding. We finalized to go to the smaller place since it's actually nearer to the restaurant that we dined in. I had Okinawa Milk Tea and my cousin had Black Tea and that's it! :)

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  1. I miss living in Sampaloc. =) I miss the UST Church as well! =)


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