Monday, 14 January 2013

Bullying. Backstabbing.

Just when I thought that these chronicles could only happen to High School girls, I was proven wrong lately. I actually don't have anything to do with these things so don't worry about me.

It's quite obvious that bullying is just so wrong. Wrong when you're not friends, wrong when you are. You have to be smart enough to actually have fun without offending them. Like, talk about fun things! Not make fun of people.

I have to say that I admire a not so close friend of mine to actually stand up for another not so friend of mine to an acquaintance who's a "backstabber". Like, she warned her not to open her book too much to that girl because she's like making fun of her and saying bad things behind her back and making her a laughing stock.

Just a little information, I don't really like her attitude but she's not really that annoying. Quite annoying but you know, I'm just happy that I don't have much to do with her. But she's okay.See, I don't really care if you can tell.

The good thing about this "backstabber" though is that she's not actually totally backstabbing this friend of mine but in fact, she's somehow telling her the stuff she's telling tons of people as well. But what's the point of that? Like, you've told the person involved already so why do you have to tell everyone the same thing? Do they have to know? Will they be able to change anything? Not in my opinion. Those people would just spread the news like that and it'd come up with 100 different versions sooner or later.

Thinking everything's good, and everyone is her friend, this already warned friend kind of approached this backstabber and her friends and jokingly said what she knows and all that. The thing about this friend of mine is that she's too jolly and friendly. TO EVERYONE! Which shouldn't be the case. It may sound wrong but literally! We should have an option of choosing our friends. Because that is going to help us become a better person and all that.

So the problem is the backstabber found out that someone warned my friend and she found out that it's my other friend and it was basically chaos. In a SILENT DEADLY WAY.

That's all.

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