Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

This is sort of what I did and yeah it's not a lot but I'm just glad that I get this day as my off day because you know! It's just so perfect. Like, I'm off because it's Tuesday and it's like no classes and you probably know by now that TUESDAY is UNI DAY and since there's no UNI, there's nothing for me. Plus! I guess I'm just so lucky that there's no duty as well.

Went to church with mom, sisters, grand mom, and cousin! :)

Then we went to that place by the bay which apparently have all these attractions for kids and all that. I actually don't know whether or not this is a Christmas thing or if it's there forever but whatever.

Hotdog on stick with MUSTARD! Love love love.

It was nice looking at it. Like, it was so calming and everything.

Sister with her corn.

Saw this The Hobbit thing. I haven't seen it yet and when I finally have the time to, it's not showing anymore. I don't know if it's temporary because cinemas usually make way for local films this time of the year. I really really want to watch it. Oh well.

We watched Sisterakas. Which I would be reviewing later. I guess.

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  1. I really wish to see The Hobbits. It's getting very popular here :) Merry Christmas :)

    Aree With Umbrella


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