Sunday, 9 December 2012

Excited much part 2. iPhone cases.

iPhone cases! My auntie actually got herself an iPhone 5 so everything that she bought can't be used anymore and I don't know where her iPhone 4s is so whatever. The good thing is I have her stuff now. She's really so generous!

Like, wow. i actually do not change covers that often but it's good to have a reserve or two. Or three. I actually plan of giving a piece to my co-intern or whatever.

This is like a cover up thingy. It's kind of nice with the leopard pink velvety kind of material. 

This one is pretty common. Like, the jelly crystal thing. This one is kind of different though. Like, it feels kind of different. IDK.

This. This is actually totally out of my style. Like, it's really really classy looking. Like, I don't know. I can't even.


It's like that.

I'm just not so sure about the gold thing though. I have this feeling that it might chip off or whatever. 

This one is probably my favorite! Like, it's just so gorgeous. It came with a screen protector and a glass wipe thing. You know! The same thing you use to wipe your glasses. 

I mean, look at that. Very delicate. I'm worried that it might get dirty easier thought. Just because. So I think it's kind of necessary to have a pouch or something to hold it. Meh.

Auntie also gave me these screen protectors. Yay! That's all! :)

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