Sunday, 9 December 2012

Excited much part 1.

I actually am thinking whether or not I should put a separate category for the stuff my beloved aunt gives me. I just love her so much.

Pink! This isn't actually mine but my sisters' phones aren't actually responding to it or the reverse but whatever so I have it now because it's actually working fine with me. Awesome!

This handy iPhone charger is really a necessity. I actually have no problem with my iPhone battery but this is really so convenient and nice. So the purpose of this is that you have to charge your phone right? You have to charge this too and just carry it around so you can just re-charge anytime you want.

These shirts. I love.

These stuff. Like, random black stuff. I got a tank top that I would rather use as a skirt, a vest, a t-shirt, and a sweat pants. I like.

I don't actually go out as much as a regular college student does so I already set this to be my nighties. Or dayies. Whatever.

Photo album and a pouch.

I actually feel bad about this. My auntie decided to give me this but mom actually wanted to give it to someone else so I didn't end up having it and my auntie was like confirming if i didn't like it which is totally not true. I like like this and she said that it might bring luck to me and stuff because she had this for a very long time and didn't cause her problem or whatsoever. And so I did tell the same thing to the recipient. Hopefully it'll really bring luck. :)

Whew I almost forgot. :)

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