Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jeepney Rant.

I know jeepneys are convenient and all that but sometimes I don't really understand. Okay maybe not the jeepney itself. The people, the driver, everything else. It's just so annoying sometimes. Like, really. Let me just point out some of the things that I hate about riding a jeepney.

1. I hate it when the people would extend their arms and address it to the driver when it's obviously not feasible for the driver to get their fare directly. Ano ba naman yung sabihin mong paki-abot diba? It really annoys me when people would say "bayad mama" and then put their arms in my front and don't say anything after that. So ako na pala yung driver? I mean, as a normal human being, hindi po hahaba yang kamay mo. So say "pakiabot" naman.

2. This is kind of related to the first one is that when you obviously made an effort na iaabot yung bayad sa driver and then this person who asked for your help don't even say thank you. Like, are you serious? Is it my job now na iaabot yung bayad mo sa driver? Kahit na hindi pa sa akin ipaabot yan, naiinis lang talaga ako kapag hindi marunong magpasalamat yung tao. E di lalo na kung sa akin diba?

3. I hate it when jeepney drivers stop by literally every 30 seconds to pick up passengers. Like, I hate it. As if naman sasakay sila no.

4. This one is related to the one above. Like, I hate it when passengers say "para" literally 5 seconds after one or two passengers just got down or up the jeep. I mean, WTF is wrong with people? Is it a crime to walk now or what? May zombie apocalypse ba?

5. I hate it when the driver intentionally not mind when people are actually saying "para" and continues to drive anyways. Like, you'd know when they heard you because they looked at the rare view mirror but what do they do? Speed up. Yup. Only in the Philippines.

6. I really don't like it when the passenger don't make an effort in shouting "para" so that the driver would hear him or her. Like, when you're at the other end of the jeepney, ano ba naman teh, sinong kausap mo diyan? Tapos magagalit ka kapag hindi ka narinig? Hello?

7. I don't really like it when the driver is smoking when it's obviously not allowed. I mean, I actually have witnessed a confrontation about this and yeah, whatever. As a jeepney driver who posted that no smoking sticker somewhere, you have to follow the rules. Kainis.

8. I really hate it kapag nakaupo ka and may sisingit sa upuan mo. I mean, lalo na kapag ang laki laki ng space sa ibang part.   Artista ba ako para tabihan mo or what?

9. I really really hate it kapag nagtatawag pa ng pasahero yung driver e wala na ngang upuan. Ano naman paki ng sampuan or waluhan yung jeep e iba iba naman ang size naming mga pasahero no. Ang tamang paraan e tignan mo muna kaya kung may upuan pa para hindi tayo lahat nahihirapan. Ang unfair lang na lahat naman kami nagbabayad tapos yung iba nakakaupo ng maayos.

10. This is probably the most frustrating and yet the most that I can relate to. I hate it when the jeepney driver decides to go to a gasoline station to refill when we're all obviously students and probably already calculated the exact time not to be late and then this driver just ruins it for us. Huh! You should be ready prior to the departure and not take us students with you sa gasoline station pa.

But you know, we have no choice but to deal with these bulls. But if I can change these, I would.

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