Saturday, 6 October 2012

Victoria Jackson. A Review.

First of all, you have to know that I am not a professional when it comes to this things so you could probably agree with me or disagree completely. It's like that take it or leave it thingy. And I don't mind. Thank you very much.
Let's get started.

I actually promised to bring you this review so yeah. :)) This is what it looks like. From the very look of it, I thought there wouldn't be much inside and stuff but yeah, it actually contains a little more than what I've expected. I don't know whether it was mom or auntie who gave this to me but THANKS. I appreciate it. 

I actually tried to picture this same stuff yesterday (night) but nah, didn't work out so the brushes look like that and the colors that you will be seeing below are kind of messed up and stuff. The eyeliner is jet black! It's creamy and nice. The MASCARA is my favorite! It gives you length and volume. It's just awesome. I actually tried to use the brushes provided but they're just not so helpful. The blush brush helped a little bit though. Okay, they all helped a little bit. 

What I like about their eye shadow colors is that they have it in matte and a different tray for shimmers. Although it would have been better that the range of color is similar, but then the taught is there. It can't all be shimmery or matte. In my opinion though, matte is kind of more workable than shimmers. But whatever. Among the lot, the coral/orange is my least favorite because it's actually not true to its color when swatched or applied. The rest are okay. I actually used the brown in the matte tray as contour and it's fab. The super light pink (first tray) is gorgeous for highlight. 

This is the shimmer section! As much as I like the colors here better, I am just not convinced of shimmers. It looks girly, pretty, yes. But for someone like me who doesn't know how to put them on properly, it gets messy. SOMETIMES. But I'll get to it. Soon. 

The white though is awesome for highlight. And I used the darkest color for my brows but it's just so overwhelming. Or maybe my brows are kind of bushy already so I probably didn't need to add some dark things to it already.

Lip products! I actually like its color range but as you may already know, I don't like putting much on my lips. I like balms though. But yeah, I like how they have the coolest to the warmest color. Good thinking.

Blushes! This blushes really do their job so you better be careful with them. In a good way though. 

And it comes with a sharpener! Obviously, for the lip and eye liner. And it comes with two rectangular mirrors. One just above the blushes and one  right at the center of the compact.

The lights washed the colors away but whatever. LOL.

We washed off the color on a regular digital camera so we don't have to expect much on iPhone's camera, right? Good. Not complaining.

That's all! :)

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