Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Star City Visit.

So it was my sister's birthday the other day and since she really has that something in her that doesn't allow us to kind of go further out the city, we stayed. Like, last year, we were supposed to go Baguio to celebrate her birthday and what happened was our car broke so my mom backed out and this time we were actually supposed to go to Laguna for some hot spring goodness but then again my youngest sister and I have some stuff to accomplish so we can't. Life.

So basically, my sisters and I went. Like, as always. Youngest sister not amused. LOL. Remember my cousin's pink lipstick? Well this is the red version of it.

Cousin being evil and put that demon thingy on my sister's head. Or like, peace sign? IDK.

Sisters! Love love love. As you may have noticed from the background, the park is themed Halloween so the reception kind of looked nice.

The reception might actually appear crowded but not really. Like, we hardly queued. and by that I mean, not more than 10 minutes or so of waiting for our turn to ride. Except probably STAR FLYER. But not by much.

I'm not really a fan of Peter Pan so I basically don't know who this guy is. But must take pictures. You know. Okay serious stuff now. The first stuff we actually rode was this ride right here.

I swear it is up to no good.

The thing is we usually go for the milder rides first before the main attractions so after this ride, we were all dizzy as eff. Like, seriously. I'm not sure whether it was just us or whatever but this stuff I can only ride probably once a year. Like, I can't even explain.

The ride basically goes round and round up above and stuff.

It is a relatively new ride and so people are probably just trying this one out. But I promise you! It's UP TO NO GOOD. 

It's kind of scary  but it really makes you so so dizzy afterwards. We kind of regretted riding it first because we didn't have enough energy throughout our stay. But then whatever. 

We noticed how people are not coming back to ride this ride again because at the end of the day, not a big deal anymore. I guess. I actually honestly think that this ride is really meant to make people dizzy. No more purpose other than that.

This is the second thing we rode. Which is our bad luck number 2. Since we were dizzy from the colorful thingy that we rode first, we can't even. Plus! They had to stop the ride at the middle so to unload a dizzy passenger. And so the ride operators decided to restart the time and so we were there for like FOREVER.

We entered all the horror houses almost twice. Oh look! Youngest sister not amused once more. Waz wrong though? And then we had dinner! 

Yup! Chicken everyday. LOL.

And we had some ice cream too.

I'm actually impressed on how there are details added to the rides. Like they added Madagascar on this roller coaster and Pirates on the anchor ride. There are then two pirate rides. Sort of. 

Youngest sister not amused hahaha. And this is us in front of the Pirates ride. 

I don't know what happened to this picture but anyways. Me likey.  That's all! :) 

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