Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Grudge.

If you haven't watched The Grudge already, then I recommend you watch it. It's kind of good. And that's if you like to be scared. So before actually going to bed now (10312012), I decided to look for a tutorial, follow it, and document. That's how I roll. Pretty much. LOL. Just kidding. I kind of failed though. I don't know how or what I turned out to be exactly. But nevertheless, I'm gonna be sharing some of the photos I took.

First of all, I don't have a foundation lighter than my skin tone and even if I had one, it wouldn't be recognized by my iPhone's front camera. I guess. So I just topped all the make up on the existing foundation that's on my skin. Actually, if I didn't have it on from my day activity, I probably wouldn't apply foundation because it probably wouldn't make any difference anyway. Just saying. I heard that the iPhone 5's front camera is kind of HD though. Mmm...

But don't hate. LOL. I don't care really. You can hate if you want. But nah.

Basically, what I did was darken my eyes by putting brown/blue eye shadows and I applied white mascara on my water line to make my eyes appear a little bit bigger. And also, kind of contoured using the same brown eye shadow. I also decided to put a nude lipstick on my lips.

Also, I messed up my hair which is not a hard thing to do at all. My hair usually looks like that on a daily basis. I mean, I don't really like to brush my hair a lot. It's damaging it more. LOL. Excuses.

I also decided to snap these photos using my iPhone's front camera so I didn't really bother much on blending my make up and all that. :D

Happy Halloween! :)

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