Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hashi Girl.

I call her that all the time. Like, true story. Here's just pictures I took this morning (10302012) during breakfast because...no particular reason though. I just felt like talking pictures.

Uneven morning eyes exhibit once again. She's teething now so she's really biting everything along the way which can be so painful sometimes. Poor people of this household. LOL.

She's so cute! I can't even.

Also! She like fighting with our older dogs now and stuff so I will hear them barking once in a while and all that. I love! I hope she become like her mother and all that bravery and stuff. I like! 

She's so cute! Like, every time I call her, she would just come running around and then of course that would mean that she would bite my toe and everything.

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  1. such a cuteeeee puppy!!!^^ looking forward to your upcoming posts~!



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