Wednesday, 22 August 2012

500 days of Eiffel Tower.

Just so you know, I'm obsessed with Paris! Well, France as well. But mostly Paris. Okay, Eiffel Tower in particular. So I downloaded this APP like, so many months ago which shows live stream of the world's most famous landmarks and stuff so yeah! BINGO!

I don't know why but I feel so connected with the Eiffel Tower. Don't you worry guys! I'm not gonna marry it or something.  First of all! It's taken, isn't it?

So yeah, my adoration starts here!

The structure is sophisticated yet simple. If that makes sense.

So yeah, I used to really think of going to France (Paris) everyday before and yeah I don't know. Like, I used to research where to eat, to ride, to go to and stuff like that. I even studied French on my own. Obsessed like that, yeah? LOL. But then it all kind of stopped a little bit when internship started. Boo yah! Not really stopped though. Like, it mellowed.

Look! I even cross stitched it because of obsession and stuff.

I'm really proud of this by the way. A friend from Sydney told me that it looks like some spider and stuff but yeah. Whatever! LOL.

So you might be wondering why the title is like that so yeah. I tried to save all the live stream photos and just right at this very moment, I've reached 500! YAY! Actually, I based it from the movie 500 Days of Summer. But irregardless! LOL.

Here it goes ladies and gents. 500 faces of Eiffel Tower.

Awesome, right? Like, for real! So yeah. Hopefully to post a Paris trip blog soon! ;) Hey did you notice some people chilling over their veranda? LOL. I felt an instant connection to them when I saw them on the cam. LOL. So anyways. That'll be all for this post!

The APP is called Earth Cam by the way. Just in case you're wondering. Have a nice day! 

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