Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Random Ramblings. Live it!

For some reason, we should always remind ourselves that we can! And that we're good enough. We should always be the first to believe in ourselves. Because if we doubt ourselves, then there's a higher chance that the others will too. I mean, I know that it shouldn't matter to us what everyone else is saying but hey! We started it. Like, yeah?

Now I remember the saying "DON'T DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHERS TO DO TO YOU." It's kind of the same principle. Only it's the reverse. Something like "DO TO YOURSELF WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO TO YOU." Hahaha awesome right?

Moving on...I've said this many times in the past but we should always stay positive! We should always be the best version of ourselves. We should always be kind to ourselves and others. We should always be patient! You know! They say the things worth having, is worth waiting for. So who knows? So we must all acquire the patience to wait and stuff.

I think that most people who are so down and all that is still alive and fighting because they know how to cheer themselves  up and to kind of laugh at things and stuff. So yeah. Occasionally, I laugh at myself too. I'm probably crazy but whatever. LOL. I'm funny like that. I laugh at myself. LOL. :)

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