Sunday, 4 March 2012

Abortion is on.

I don't understand why couples end up aborting a baby. Have they ever heard of contraceptive pills, condoms and all that stuff? Sure they also haven't heard of "Avoidance is better than abortion." yeah that's totally "Avoidance is better than cure." but whatever. Yesterday, when my cousin and I were crossing the street, like, we're in a hurry right? Being in a hurry doesn't stop me from overheard-ing people. Like a woman was talking to her friend and they were like
Friend: How old is your youngest child again?
Woman: My youngest now is in fifth grade. You know how hard life is here right? Remember? I had the latest removed?
And I was like, if she knows for a fact that life in the Philippines is hard, then she should have avoided being pregnant with that poor little supposed to be her "youngest child". I'm not a highly religious person who thinks that couples who use contraceptives are gonna suffer all their lives and that they're gonna burn in hell and all that. But ABORTION, I think is something to worry about.

I think that if they didn't have the guts to raise a baby, then they should have used whatever they have to use to avoid it. It definitely sounds less evil to me. Or Satan would probably let them/her/him stay in a cooler corner of hell or whatever. Who knows? It might work.

You're probably wondering when Abortion is going to be acceptable for me? I have thought of that before as well. Like, when is it going to be something I wouldn't mind or whatever? I came up with a short list.

1. If only either the mother or the baby can survive, And  the father chose the mother, then no big deal. I don't think taking the risk of like continuing with the pregnancy is wise because yeah it really is a risk and there's no turning back once they're both dead.

2. I know It takes a lot of courage to raise a baby that's a result of "rape" and I'm so looking up to those who have a child from the unlawful situation but I guess it's also acceptable to get rid of it for those who aren't as strong and as courageous. There are very young teenagers who get raped, and obviously, most of them probably don't have an idea that stuff like pregnancy would happen. I mean, if you think seeing the child would just break you down and traumatize you, then I think it's better that you get rid of the child and move on.

P.S. Only applicable to real rape scenario. Not when you're drunk and had sex, not when you've done it with consent, not when a contraceptive failed, and the list goes on. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Grow up and face the consenquences of your act.There you have it. :D


  1. I agree with you but you also have to understand that not many people in the philippines are educated, so they dnt know what they're actually getting into..

  2. I agree. Not everyone here is educated enough. However, abortion wise, a normal individual who probably haven't had proper eeducation would probably have enough conscience and heart to keep the baby.


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