Thursday, 1 March 2012

Overheard. Jeepney convo.

Awhile ago when I was riding a jeepney on my way home, there's this couple (I think but I doubt as well) that rode the jeepney about 20 mins. away from my destination. It's not that I want to listen to them. They're like sitting in front of me so I can't help it. You want to know what their topic was? CELLPHONES.

The girl was surprised that the guy has two phones. She was like "oh! you have two phones! I didn't know that." and the guy sarcastically said "no, three." It's a Filipino way of like whatever-ing and it's fcking annoying. And then the guy said "that's because I'm a spoiled kid" and I was like WTF? He didn't even look like he took a shower for like a week and he's gonna brag about it? Give me a break. Plus! his phones aren't that great. Not great at all.

The girl then told him something about their school play and stuff like that but this guy doesn't seem interested and just continued listening to his phone's radio/mp3 I can't tell which. The girl said something like "it's really hard for me to send group message with this phone. My mom told me she'll get a new one for me." and all of a sudden, this guy said "i'm not used to using cheap phones." WTF? and he repeated it like 3 times. And he was like "I don't like the phones that my mom got me. I want a (can't remember but damn sure it's a never heard unit of Nokia) and she'll get what I want because I'm spoiled." Yeah, we get it! You're spoiled so you're probably too fly for a shower as well. Then he told the girl how his other phone is only for "sound tripping". Dude, that's obviously not an iPhone or any smart phones so stop with the bragging! You're killing me. And that the other phone is only for texting and he repeated "i'm not used to using cheap phones." Dude! you look cheap. I'm not used to looking at you (rude of me).  How about that?

This guy looks dirty. Not because of his dark complexion or whatever because there are many dark toned guys that look very fresh and neat. Unlike this one. His attitude is overpowering his fresh look and now he stinks. Ha!

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