Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Unexpected Drama

One time, I was paired with someone my age. I don't know what happened but then all of a sudden, we were talking about family. Her family in particular. 

She's Vietnamese. And her mother is in England. Fairly good spirited, always laughing with her friends, and it doesn't seem like she's having this kind of problem. Anyways. As we were talking about life, she said that she doesn't feel any connection to her mom at all. She said that if it weren't for Skype, she wouldn't even know how her mom looks like. Her mom left Vietnam to work in England as a nurse. Also, she said that when her mom came back to Vietnam for a short vacation, she wasn't able to meet her because she's in Japan. And for some reason, she was okay with it. 

I was like so sad for her that time and just confronted her with, "can't really do anything about it". And she agreed. As much as I know deep in my heart that her mom only did it for her family's welfare, I so much understand where this girl is coming from. I guess it's really better to be with your kids while they're growing up as much as possible. As I believe that this woman is really doing her best, I think that her dad or somebody else brought her up well but there are others who wouldn't be like her. And the sad truth is that there's no guidance from parents or like guardians to make them an asset to the society. Anyways. That's all. 

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