Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Love of my Life!

The way I remember celebrating Mother's Day is this. We will go to Takaraya with dad and that we will buy her pink and red carnations. She would always put the flowers in a flower vase and she would always change the water in it everyday. And then my sisters would draw my mom in a piece of paper provided by the said store and they would submit it back. In exchange, the mart would give them goodies. And then when we would go to the mart, we would always locate their drawings. At night, we would go out and eat! 

Today, it seems like the tradition changed. But for me it's actually for the better. Because now, I know better why we celebrate this beautiful event. Somehow. 

And for all the sacrifices that my mom did and will do for me, here's my message.

Thank you mom for carrying me in your womb. That nine months when you probably can't decide which side of the bed to face. That nine months when you have no choice but to eat a lot and put on weight. Thank you mom for giving the privilege to see the world! Thank you mom for letting me study elementary and high school even though I know it's more of my right as a child. Thank you for always giving me "baon" so I would never get hungry at school. Thank you mom for giving me the opportunity to study in a prestigious university in college. I always told you how I wanted to finish college and have a degree and you believed in me! I know deep down, you did! Thank you for attending my graduation ceremony, I told you how long it would be but you didn't mind. Thank you so much! I couldn't be any happier being accompanied by you. 

Thank you for every thing mama! :) Don't worry about me mama! I know I'll be a good (not perfect) child. Because you're showing me how to be by being a good child to lola.

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