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Finite Incantatem | Election May 2013

Who to vote? Just a quick note that this post will be lengthy and I would totally understand if you won't read this post. I just have to have it here. After spell checking and add whatever to this shiz maybe twice, I don't know if I would reread it again myself anytime soon anyways. 

I told you in my previous update that I would be voting this May 2013 Election. And since I don't really know all of my candidates, I then find it really improper for me to just go there and shade blindly. But that's really how it worked for me for the past 4 years of my college life. But  anyways. It's actually good that I visited COMELEC'S website few days ago because for some reason, it's UNDER CONSTRUCTION now. 

I can't really understand some of the aspiring politicians because for some reason, they're all kind of the same for me. At some point. FOR THE POOR. But thinking about it, it's like abandoning those who are a little or totally above that status. It's unfair. Philippines is not all about the poor! The poor are poor because most of them don't know how to help themselves. We may be under a bad government, yes! But it's not only because of bad governance. These people I'm talking about are not gonna do anything new, in my opinion. You know, they're just gonna wait for these politicians grace and conclude that THE PHILIPPINES is full of poor people. See, what will happen? They're gonna elect these politicians and expect a dramatic change two days after the election. And then they will conclude. Seriously, people? If you're a professional living in the Philippines, CLICK!

Maybe this post is more about why most of the Filipinos are poor but let's just jump right through it. I think that the change should really start from within. Each Barangay, and stuff! I'm lucky because I think our Barangay is doing good so far. We have a little Health Center which gives out Medicine to people in need and generally speaking, I think our Barangay is peaceful. Kind of.  I mean, what else do I have demand for a Barangay, right? Although I really find it annoying when there's like an event and they're all noisy and stuff and also, I hate it when they promote a politician. Okay.
Now let's just talk about who to vote? I'm really not sure about the others but I will keep an eye on the INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES.  Except that woman who bragged about her children. Ever since I was given the privilege to elect someone in position, I always voted for these brave souls. It's kind of a bigger deal before when I was still a student because now, I don't think they're as independent as the students anymore. They can hire people! Now, it's also nice for the candidates to have a political party because maybe they are really determined to work together and stuff but sometimes I think they're just sticking to a political party so that they can have a better chance of winning. The thing is I don't really trust political parties. Because it's nice if all of them get the position but what if one of them did not make it? What will happen to that position? MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, it will be filled up by the OPPOSITION TEAM. Mmm...

Also! I'm keeping an eye on those people who I haven't heard before. I think they can do it better than those who have been "serving" for quite a while now. Because they have yet to prove something so they can't be all rubbish and stuff. Also! I don't think I would like to elect those who have annoying jingles that I hear everyday because if you're running for a position, you should think of the welfare of your countrymen, not yourself! And you should be at least considerate not to wake up people very early in the morning by your loud stupid jingle! 

What I think The Philippines lack is a system. SYSTEM! Big word! Let's just set my own experience as an example. In front of SM City San Lazaro, there are a lot of tricycle drivers shouting and bothering people as they go out from the mall and asking them whether or not they would like to ride. I'm really annoyed that I even complained to my cousin, best friends, and my sisters.  They would even go in front of people and ask if they want a lift. The problem is they are everywhere and if you'll just try and  experience this every time, you would be pissed too. This happened to me many many times and  just awhile ago actually. And even though it's inconvenient for me, I went to the legal line and rode there. I'm not trying to be a hero here but if we do have a system like that, we might have a shot. It's the simple things! 

By the way, can we abstain? Because I really want to vote for some officials but there are certain positions that I really don't trust any of the candidates at all. Oh well. That's all!

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  1. It's Election day today in Pakistan. I can't vote but all other family members are agreed on trying new people not old ones, they have "served" the nation very well.


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