Saturday, 4 May 2013

Life Crisis. Sort of.

Awhile ago, while watching a morning show, they discussed something that I think I really needed. Basically, it's about being young and doing all the things that you can do while you're still young. But of course those are elites so it's really a different story. But anyways, it's somehow the same story. Whut?
The girls there are already in their mid twenties and early thirties and even though they have already traveled to many places, they still have a lot of places in mind that they want to go to. And one of them said that while she's young, she want to go sky diving, and stuff like that and then the host said that she don't want to sky dive because she's thinking of the welfare of her kids and all that mental stuff which is probably hard to avoid thinking so I say maybe it's really ideal for people to have fun while they still don't have to think of stuff like that. That is not of course to say that people with kids can't have fun. You could totally do that. I'm just saying that there are some people that kind of thinks of other people's welfare such as their offspring or any family members and somehow that stops them from having fun. Or things that they could have done without those thoughts they have in mind. Except my mom though. She's not afraid for us. Na-ah! She's afraid for herself so whatever.
Another thing they talked about was how do they see themselves 9 years from now and one of them answered that when she was 20 or 21 (my age) she had a vision board and envisioned herself to be like this and that and now that she's 26, she can't seem to see a clear vision of where she's going from there. And the older lady told her that planning your life when you're just in your 20's is not the best way to do because you're still young and you should just enjoy the things that are happening as of the moment and that made me think a little bit because lately, I'm feeling kind of lost and I'm in that stage where I don't know exactly what I'm doing or where I'm going. Some of my batch mates are just waiting for the opening of the school year because they already applied for MED SCHOOL and some are in REVIEW CENTERS preparing for the board examination but there are some who are like me that are still trying to figure things out but anyways. Hearing from them makes me feel good. I know I shouldn't just let things be as they are though. I know I have to do something to make something work for me and stuff but whenever I try to do that, I tend to breakdown a little bit. Not breakdown as in breakdown but something like that. It's just that, things are a little complicated to comprehend. Oh well. I will be attending a review center in a month so maybe I would be able to divert my attention from my over thinking sessions to that. I got this. Hopefully.

Anyways, just some update from my not so interesting life, I still haven't got my diploma which sucks because some of my batch mates already got theirs and some of those who got theirs already live nearby so what up? Also, my Candy Crush is just so devastating because I can't move on and I'm stuck at Level 65 for I don't know! 2 weeks? Life. I hope you guys are well though. 

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