Sunday, 5 May 2013

Here's to Never Growing Up

It's Children's Day in Japan today and to commemorate that, I just want to show you guys the toys I played growing up. These are the toys I used to play every day when I was still a child. I'm just thankful that I still have them now because they bring such good memories. Or not. But anyways.

Lovely lovely toys. Okay so in The Philippines, about 7 years ago, we actually had our house renovated and we had to transfer to a nearby apartment because we can't stay in our house while it's being renovated, yeah? Duh, Mikie! :D 

Anyways before we transferred to that apartment, we had to dispose of things we don't need anymore and some of it were given to our other relatives and other people as well because the apartment is kind of smaller than the house so yeah my mom asked me the most important and difficult question to me back then. "WHAT WILL WE DO WITH YOUR TOYS?" I think I was already in second year high school that time so just imagine! I then asked her to do whatever she wants with my other toys but I told her I might select a few for me to keep. And she was like, "HINDI KA NA BATA." Whatever. But what can she do? Just kidding! :) So that happened. I can't remember exactly if these are all that I selected back then but these are what I still have right now. Let's have a closer look!

This is probably the biggest toy I own. I got this when I was still 5, I believe. Which is like confusing because mom sent this to the Philippines from Japan but then I think I was in the Philippines just for vacation that time so I wasn't really able to play with it that long so yeah. And it's just too big to play with so its purpose was to be a display at the top of my auntie's cabinet. Which is by the way still not in The Philippines up to this time so why does she have a cabinet again? Mysteries of life.

And this is Baby Olga. For some reason, I don't really name my toys so whatever their name is when I got them, that's gonna be their name. I remember asking my mom to buy me this and I believe I got this one for my birthday or something so yeah. This one actually feeds on her bottle and her cherry can but I don't really know where that devices went so yeah. Her eyes reminds me of grav3yardgirl. Scary but gorgeous!

Can we just stop for a while and appreciate this doll's beauty? If you know Little Princess, yeah! This is like why I love this doll. She's just so priceless. I can't even.

Me likey! :) Look at those lashes, girl! Oh and it blinks too. You know what I'm talking about. 

Now this is serious stuff right here. This is LICCA. My favorite toy ever. And yes, she's LICCA, not Barbie. This one too is from Japan and this was sent by mom together with another LICCA which I gave to my cousin but she lost it na so whatevs. This is actually not the dress she came with but it was like school uniform-ish so I changed it to a wedding dress and after a while, I was like, you're too young to get married, girl! So I changed it to this pink dress.

I used to have more than I think 5 Barbie's but I keep coming back to this because what I actually like about Licca is that she looks classy, not slutty. I'm just saying. Anyways, Happy Children's Day. I wish I could still ask for cakes from neighbors but nah. Have a good day! :)


  1. It's such a fun day! I don't have even one left. Your little princess is such beauty!
    Oh gosh , that huge bear!

  2. it's a lovely day :) When I was a kid I used to play with Barbie dolls :) You have an amazing collection :)


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