Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Who's Hungry? Hunger Games.

I actually don't quite get the whole idea of Hunger Games but good thing I was able to pick up some valuable lessons that I thought I'd share with you guys. I haven't read the books so this one is based on the movie alone.

Can I just say that Effie Trinket is my favorite character. If not Rue. I like how colorful she dresses and I don't know what's with her that I like but yeah. Now the reason I like Rue is because she's such a sweetheart. If I would be there in the game, I may not be able to kill my opponents intentionally but I don't think I would help them either. I would probably be friends with the guy from my district but the rule is that there could only be one victor so I don't know about that either. I HAVE TO WIN!

My sister's dilemma: Why is Prim's hair lighter? (NO IDEA)

Okay to the lessons. I was touched when Katniss volunteered to be a tribute as her sister's replacement. Just because it's such a stupid game, a child's precious life is not worth sacrificing, you know. It's such a brave act. And I was impressed. I don't know if I would able to do the same to my sisters though. I wouldn't want them to join if I could help it. Especially my sister Mika who screams a lot for little reasons nowadays. She would be a giveaway. I also appreciate when Rue's brother kind of payed respect to Katniss (somehow) by not killing her even if he could already. He's considerate like that, you know!

Oh I can actually imagine Primrose and Rue being BFFs. Weird. I was also a little bit disgusted by Peeta's mom for not believing in his son. Boo yah!

It's kind of vague that Hunger Games the movie didn't show hungry people and people that died from actual hunger. They're more like killing each other so I don't really see the point why it's called Hunger Games. I think it was mentioned in the movie once that they should just let Katniss starve and then they could easily kill her but people dying from actual hunger, nah.

You know what this movie reminds me of? SURVIVOR SERIES with killing involved. Because in Survivor, a cast would be eliminated if there would be enough people to vote him or her off, right? And how would that happen? Effing alliances and stuff. So yeah. Quite comparable. That's all I have to say. I'll probably read the book to be entertained and who knows? Maybe I would be able to understand everything a little better but I doubt.


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