Monday, 8 April 2013

Train of Thought. Random Ramblings.

As I consider my blog as a PENSIEVE, I have to let things out of my too stretched brain because it can't handle things anymore.

It's SUMMER BREAK and I am bored as hell. So I decided to add up BLOGS to my reading list. And I am still searching for blogs by the way so if you know a blog that you think I might enjoy reading, feel free to recommend or something. Actually, I did search for blogs myself but I didn't really find that much. Sure there are a lot of blogs out there but I found out (just now) that I'm not really that much of a fan of BEAUTY BLOGS. And by beauty, I mean, PURE BEAUTY BLOGS. I know it's not my business but I don't know. I'm not hating of course. But personally (good for me, I know) in the future, I'd rather look at the places I've been or the things I've done than to look at how made up I was or something. Oh well. I say a little bit of everything is nice. You gotta believe me though! I was probably just in a wrong place for search but it was beauty after beauty after beauty. But anyways. I think beauty blogs are good and helpful but yeah. If you're a beauty blogger and offended by this, I didn't mean to offend you, sorry.

I of course want to update everyone that these 2 last Sundays, I failed. I have to do better! I'll improve, I swear.

I also dreamt of ONE DIRECTION yesterday. Basically, what happened was my auntie was scolding one member for having a girlfriend. Serious stuff guys. She was punching the guy and torturing him. Everyone was actually scared and we were just talking about random stuff while the poor guy was being scolded.

Yesterday, I was having an identity crisis because I don't feel quite a Gryffindor for some reason so I took the Pottermore test once again. I found out that I AM INDEED A GRYFFINDOR. Holy cow! My wand is still Sycamore but not with Phoenix Feather anymore. Unicorn Hair now. Oh well.

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