Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It Started with a Mass.

After sleeping in late because of the fireworks and torotots, woke up extra early because of the stuff I have to accomplish today.

Attended mass at St. Augustine which I learned a lot from. The priest was kind of awesome. The homily was nice and all that. The homily was about babies. Father Joel said that babies symbolize three things.

Hope. New Beginnings. Peace.

I liked it. I mean, like babies, I believe that we should all be growing up naturally. Embodied with knowledge and wisdom of course. Not just growing up as in like the literal growing up. That's like a trap.

Father said that we should all be like babies that can forgive others easily. The homily was just so right for me. I guess.

And then after the mass, we went to Shakey's and had lunch. Basically pizza and chicken. It's just the four of us since they left us and ate at a different restaurant. Had fun though. Here are some pictures I can share.

And then after eating, they picked us up and then we went to the mall to watch a movie. Very much the same as what we did last Christmas.

We watched the Enteng thing. The movie was quite alright. Not really that good but you know! You can learn a lot from it. Family stuff again. Much like Sisterakas that on second thought by the way, I wouldn't be reviewing anymore. :))

And then I'm home now. Getting ready to sleep because I am night duty. Oh well. It's an awesome day to start the year right. Again, Happy New Year you guys! :)

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