Sunday, 2 December 2012


I don't know what I'm feeling right now because you know, some people are really insensitive when it comes to some people's feelings.

You know, with our thesis, people don't reply whenever I text them so it's really driving me crazy. Like, WTF.

People can just reply with whatever they have to say and that'll be fine. Unlike with people not replying, that's insane. Like, are you coming? Are you not? What's happening?

It's really hard to assume. Like, I was even asking for a question so that's really insane for them not to reply. I really wouldn't mind going and doing this thing alone. Like, seriously. If this is just my thesis, and not everyone's, then fine. But it's really unfair that people are actually just depending on people who are actually sacrificing for the job to be done. Huh.

I just wish for this to actually be over and that I could just enjoy my last few months as a student and all that.

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