Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nailed it. Pearly Shell.

It's been like a week I guess. Like, since I painted my nails. I gave my nails a rest yesterday and today, I decided to paint them with another color. Since I came across the idea somewhere that when always painted with DARK COLORS, our nails have a tendency to become yellow which by the way happened a lot to me before. I didn't know back then that it was the reason behind it. I just though that my nails needed to rest and stuff. I mean, chemicals are chemicals right? So yeah, I picked up the lightest color available.

And just like what I do with the rest of my nail looks, I add glitters! I actually tried it without the glitters since it's kind of sheer and shiny already on its own but I thought adding the gold glitters will really finish off the look.

And then I added more glitters because I had the feeling that it's not all even and stuff. Which I know is hard to do by the way. MAKING GLITTERS EVEN. But yeah I just followed what my instinct told me. Okay whatever.

It's actually kind of hard to focus the camera when all the glitters' are reflecting light and stuff. But I hope you can see thru that the base color is really really pretty.

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