Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hate No More. Sometimes.

Right! Like, it really annoys me when people say they hate someone especially if they're just the same in my book.

Like, when people say something to someone because of something that that someone did that the certain someone didn't like. And then he or she complains, I'd be like WTF is going on? Like, seriously. When I'm ultra close to that someone, I'd be very much eager to remind him or her of a certain happening when he or she did exactly the same.

Like, in your face.

But to those I don't really know much, oh well. That's life.

I guess it's really a tough world. People trying to be the only one of their kind and hating the rest who are copying, eh? Well. Oh well.

It can also be the other way around though. Sometimes the one copying is the one hating. And I don't see the point. Like, sometimes, it happens. And sometimes I don't see the point.

I can just imagine how there would be a lot of group of friends and stuff if people would just be friends with people they are alike. Did I make sense there? LOL.

"Let's not hate what we can't imitate."

But let's not hate at all. Like, if we can still help it.

Naturally, we would want to look for friends that are our level. Same attitude, same this, same that. Right? So what the heck is the fuss of hating people that are our like? Mmm...

Just come to think of it.

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