Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nailed It. Halloween Edition.

I painted my nails today! FINALLY. After like, six months of rest, I was finally able to do it again. I think my skill level went down a little bit though. Too bad. LOL. Oh well. Things happen.

My left hand. So. I just used orange as my base. I actually intended to make it a base for that pumpkin effect thingy. But then it turned out that the orange I used is kind of much brighter than what I expected it to be. Oh well. But then it's all the same. It doesn't really matter. LOL.

And the violet tip on my middle finger is just a representation of fall. Ok.

Excuse the excess if you may. Haha

My right hand is a little bit more complicated to explain. LOL. But whatever.

So there you have it! Halloween Nails! LOL. NOT.

Here are the stuff I've used. And sorry for the date. Really.

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