Saturday, 27 October 2012

M.A.C Lustreglass Lipgloss. A Review.

Howdy! You might have seen this one already before. I kind of posted it but I don't know what exactly. Some place like make up collection or make up thingy I think. I mean, where else can it be? Haha

I really used to love love love lip glosses. But now, not much. I don't know if I just think I'm too busy to do all that lip stuff or I'm just assuming to be. Or whatever.

The packaging is quite simple. It's translucent so you can see all the stuff going on inside the tube. Like, glittery stuff and all that. 

I obviously would prefer colored lip gloss since I think I don't have much time (yeah right) to kind of top this on my lipstick and all that. But it's also nice to let this on this own as well so whatevs. And it's glittery so it's all good. 

I love how the glitters are put together. I love how it gives you a simple pay off of color yet it seems to look kind of sophisticated. Like, "NOT YOUR SIMPLE GLOSS."

You know, I used to buy lip colored lip glosses because I like things shiny back then. I would buy blushes and powders with glitters too. But now, I guess that I am more of a matte person. Although I still like glitters on some aspects of life. K. Below are pictures of me with it on. 

With a lip liner from M.A.C and a nude lipstick. And then with this particular lip gloss on. Too much stuff going on m Iy lips, eh? Haha

And excuse my eyes! I really have a tendency of having uneven eyes. MOST OF THE EFFING TIME. LOL.

What I don't like about it though is it picks up on the color of your base color. Like you can see the color on your lip gloss wand afterwards. Which is kind of off. So I therefore conclude that it's probably meant to be on its own. So I have to try.

Now without anything on. I can't really tell if I super like this product. I like how it's not sticky to the lips though. It's pretty thick but that's kind of nice because that means that it's kind of gonna stick to the lips better and it's gonna stay longer. Who wants to reapply? That's just a waste of product, yeah? We all want long lasting stuff.

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