Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Random Japan Pictures Part 3. A Look Back.

Sea Paradise in Japan. I don't remember much from this trip honestly. I remember seeing a dolphin show though. Or was that sea lion show? Or BOTH? I don't know. And as always when I was younger, I always carried my sisters' milk bottle bag and stuff like their diapers and bibs so whatever. LOL. 


Dad and I just walking and stuff in front of McDonald's. 

MY BIKE! And look at my sister bald like that. LOL. I really really miss biking in Japan. It's awesome! Like,  seeing things. I like to watch people in general and biking kind of makes an opportunity for me to do that. Like, I bet it would be creepy to actually look at people as it is but when you're in a bike, you can just move on when things get awkward. Well, you might just run away or whatever.

TOTALLY NOT OUR GARDEN. LOL. My mom would like to take pictures in some other's GARDEN. LOL. Nice flowers though. AGREE?

UENO ZOO! I actually revisited UENO ZOO lately. Well, not lately. But definitely fresher than the picture above. But for some reason, I can't remember much from it as well. Like, I rode a Camel, a helicopter thingy, saw some goats, ate SOFT CREAM. What else? NO IDEA. LOL. That's all! :)

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