Monday, 17 September 2012

TYRA MAIL. Something to live by.

I saw this on Tyra Bank's Facebook profile page and I thought I'd share it. Not because it's an awesome quote, but of course it is, but because I can personally relate. I'm not saying that I have already succeeded, but at least I haven't gave up. And I probably won't (I really won't (I hope)).

Let's talk about Tyra Banks for a second. I really like her personality. Well obviously, I don't her on a personal level, but I kind of like what I see on TV. She's really nice and makes a lot of sense when she talks. She's definitely someone I adore and I just can't stop listening to her.

Fashion wise, I really like how she gives tips and tricks on the aspiring models and how she inspires them and instructs them to be better on their next shoot. And I love how she kind of mimics what their pose should be/should have been so yeah, it's actually good to know that the person giving you instructions know what he/she is actually saying and can do it by his/herself, don't you think?

So yeah, back to the point:

If you failed, it's okay. I have a professor that said YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING. Which is true. I mean, if you stop trying, then how are you supposed to achieve what you're trying to achieve, right? If you fail, TRY AGAIN. Improve yourself! Be whatever it is that you failed to do the first time you fail. Now, if you fail on the second try, you may still have missed a little that stopped you from achieving your goal. What will you do? Work on that loophole and TRY AGAIN. I hate it when people just waste their chance and say that they're not good enough and stuff. I believe that if only we'll all try, some of us may fail, but we can always try again and figure out things, and eventually, succeed. Failure is not permanent. It may mark forever on your transcript of record but at least you've tried. I mean, it's all that matters.

When is it ideal to stop trying, you ask?

It actually depends. On some aspects of life, it's ideal we move on. But on most things, never. Justin Bieber wasn't kidding when he said "NEVER SAY NEVER".

For example, a college degree. There would be times where it's gonna be hard during college (EXPERIENCE), but it's really up to you how you'd come back to life from the mess you've made. I'm a little sensitive when it comes to this topic but yeah, I'm gonna go on details soon.

When it's something like loving and liking someone, oh please. It's always a two way process so if it's just you who's holding on to it, you know what to do.

Okay, back to struggling and stuff...

It makes me sad/mad when people just give up like that. If it's a financial problem, then it's kind of a valid reason to stop for a while and find a way to have enough and resume. If it's just the grades, come on. It's not like you're the only one suffering from such situation. Talk to someone with the same problem, and inspire each other to be better and stuff. One thing people should realize most of the time is that they're not alone and they're not gonna be the first one to succeed from such a mess and all that. People often think that it's impossible to succeed after failing. And that's really sad. So I guess that's why, very often, people are afraid to try again.

Maybe it's because of this, people always think that it's just as easy as that. People often forget that not all people can achieve success as easy as that. It's true! Many people are successful not because they worked hard for it. But for commoners, it's kind of a tougher road, and if we really want to succeed, we have no choice but to work hard and cross that road. IT'S HARD, NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

A professor of mine once shared that she worked in a hospital for like 30 years and even though the salary was not as rewarding as being a professor, she said she enjoyed working with her co-workers and that she liked the environment where she worked so that motivated her to stay there that long.

So yeah, I want to end this post by saying that we shouldn't be worried by things like failure and stuff because being afraid will just lead to another failure and another failure and another failure. And that's probably how one gets tired. I mean, figure it out and SUCCEED.

WE CAN ALL DO IT! Good luck! :)

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