Thursday, 23 August 2012

True enough.

Right! I especially don't like seeing 5 kids being carried by a single person. I don't mind if they kind of look comfortable and all that. The majority of the situation that I witnessed was nothing like that. Most of the children are barely dressed properly and all that stuff. And they don't look kind of healthy. Which is the sad part of course. The ironic part is that most wealthy people don't actually have more than let's say 2-3 kids? And then these other people have the guts to have what? More than 5 kids and what do they do? COMPLAIN? WOW. Good for them!

Some of the people here in the Philippines are like that. Most people who aren't as financially capable as the others usually complain that they don't have enough money for the family and all that. Well, I don't mean to offend those people who have been working TOOO hard to feed their children and all that but if they're already having a hard time to feed themselves, what made them think that they can feed another child? And another...and another.

I know that the couple probably love each other so much and all that stuff but how can they be selfish not to think what the situation will be after their sessions or whatever. For me, it's kind of unfair. For the children at least. And I'm not exactly over reacting. I'm affected by this too you know. How many children have approached me and asked for coins and all that. Ugh. Annoying. Most of these children would ask for money to buy food and they will say they haven't had lunch or whatever.

I actually had an experience when I was in second year college I guess. When I was riding a jeepney on my way home, that time I sat near the driver. A kid went up the jeepney and asked for money and stuff. I think no one gave him any so when he finally reached my place, he asked for money, right? I said, no. Then he started pinching me like seriously. And his nails are kind of long and he wouldn't stop pinching me and stuff. ANNOYING!

WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? WHY AREN'T THEY GOING TO SCHOOL? Can I just say that going to school is one of the RIGHTS of a child here in the Philippines so somebody please explain to me what's up. And most of the kids aren't as well mannered as they should be. Most of them SWEAR, FIGHT, DO DRUGS, and all that nasty stuff. How can they be a product of love with that being the case? Shouldn't they be nurtured with values and stuff?  I'm sick of seeing people like these, to be honest.

If only their children can come to school, then there would be a chance for them to have a proper job when they finish college or at least high school and then the trend would stop.

I'm actually worried about these kids. What will happen to them in the future? To their kids? So yeah. I hope parents would realize that we're not having a population contest here.

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