Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pretty Simple.

I've been wanting to share this with you but because I'm lazy as ef, I only get to do that now. I want to share with you what my best friend gave me quite few years ago. Don't get me wrong though. I do respect my best friend's privacy so I won't be sharing everything. LOL just kidding. Really though. Or I don't know. Some pages are rather TOO personal to handle. I can't handle it to sometimes. I don't know what I'm talking about seriously. LOL. Okay let's start.

This is the cover of that something something.

My best friend gave this to me when we were in first year college I believe. She gave it to me when there's actually totally nothing to celebrate. She phoned me that time and said that there's something she want to give me and stuff and this is what she gave me. I am pretty touched actually. My best friend actually likes doing stuff like this but she do it for her own. I mean, for her to put up something like this for me, man!

LOL. We're both lazy that's why we're best friends if you know what I mean.

My best friend and I promised that we'll never part. Or at least make way to see each other whenever we can. And I'm happy to say that that's what's actually happening. Although I haven't seen her recently but that's beyond the point. I just love my bestie so much! It doesn't matter if she actually literally covered 2/3 of my face with that sticker of hers. Dance the night away. Night fever. Sound so much like her! Hahaha

This page alone shouts MEMORIES.

Fan girls. Yup. Although the story behind Twilight is quite funny. The thing is we watched Twilight together right? Then we actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD when we shouldn't actually be doing so. Out of nowhere, we cracked up like some crazy girls in the cinema and yeah. We're weird too. Okay we actually laughed on the part when Edward Cullen dropped Isabella Swan in that ballet room. I don't know. It's just funny. Hahaha and yup we both love Sponge Cola. As you may already assumed by seeing the key chain that she used as a binder or something. And of course! Candy girls unite!

So yeah. Just trying to share our little something something.

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