Saturday, 11 August 2012

Great Buddha, Japan. A look back.

Honestly speaking, I don't remember much from this trip. I am very certain I bought some tall soft cream though. In fact, green tea soft cream near the parking lot. Oh anyways.

So from what I remember, because this one's quite a long time ago. Ummm..we entered that statue and I don't know. Maybe nothing so significant so I can't remember. Some jars, I believe? Or maybe not. maybe some pictures or other things. It was also crowded with people and from what I can remember, and I'm certain about this, I viewed stuff from a narrow spiral staircase and so yeah, I had to move quick because of the fast-moving people in front of me and for the people behind me to move, I had to. 

So yeah, the place is quite park-ish so yeah. A nice place to go to somehow. I'm not actually a Buddhist so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the place as much as I want to but yeah. :)

Looking at my pictures way way back actually makes me kind of wonder why I wore so much denims when no one else does as much. Oh wells. Pinay mom.

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