Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Just got home from a party over at my friend's house. I believe it's somewhere along Taft. Anyways, it was really epic! One of our friends got drunk and she really acted drunk. Like, for reals. What happened was they were playing beer pong and all that and she had one cup of it and the cup was like 1/4 full. And then she had a shot of tequila and then boom. She was so funny though. My other friend told me that our other friends, which happen to be our friend who got drunk's classmates, which happened to be our friends as well, told this other friend of mine that our drunk friend really is like that. LOL. She was so cute!! :)

So yeah. Well the story is...our party host invited us to his house. Since it's Tuesday, which you might know is the only time for us to go to the university, and since we don't have classes due to the National Holiday and stuff, meaning, HOORAY! Four of the laboratory staffs came as well. :)

Yeah! I played volleyball with a friend most of the time though. But it's okay. I had fun!

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